Pastor Wes Trueblood III


Pastor Trueblood has ministered in many various positions and places both domestically and internationally.  He comes out of the Salvationist Denomination originally.


He has ministered in California, Utah, New York, Texas, El Salvador, and Iraq, with his current home being in Texas.


He ministers at a local congregation in the San Antonio area and also works with individual churches on how to bring a focus on holiness to their congregations.


This sometimes calm and logical, sometimes firey preacher will challenge you both spiritually and intellectually to apply the tenants of personal holiness to your life and call you to live up to and to set higher standards for your spiritual life.


We invite you to join us in our quest to pursue perfection, however unattainable, in our lives, for the glory of God and the salvation of others.

OUR Mission


Our world is dominated by a religious culture of mediocracy.  We are ok just being ok, and that’s not ok.  Jesus didn’t call His disciples to live part time for Him, or to walk with Him half way, or just to provide Him company on His journey, He called them to excel, to change, to learn to be holy, and to change the world.


Here at WT3 Ministries, we believe that, as a Church Universal, we must recapture this spiritual drive for holiness if we as the church are to ever successfully reach the world for Christ.  In essence, we need to get out of our own way, and disarm the cries of hypocrisy before they are even called out.  This only comes through holiness.


One last thing, we also want to be clear that holiness doesn’t save you!  Holiness is our response to God’s grace which is what saves us.  It is our response to the love that has saved us.  It’s a journey, a walk, not an instant thing.  Come and join us on this journey!