Reverend Jimmy Vaughn

Rev. Jimmy Vaughn has 29 years of ministry experience spanning from volunteer Youth Minister, Independent Missionary, to Senior Pastor of Authentic Life fellowship in Greenville, Texas for the last twelve years. He has a simple approach to Biblical teaching and a passion to “be His hands and feet” in fulfilling the Acts 1:8 mandate.

Reverend Vaughn may be reached by e-mail by clicking HERE

Roger Allan

Roger Allan is the leader of his church's hospitality ministry.  He has 30+ years of industry experience including owning his own hospitality company.  Roger has agreed to share his expertise in hospitality with churches in order to help them better connect with the communities around them, and fulfill the Great Commission.

You can reach Mr. Allan by e-mail by clicking HERE

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James Daniels.jpg

Reverend James Daniels is a former Command Sergeant Major in the United States Army and now is a pastor at a local congregation.

You can reach Mr. Allan by e-mail by clicking HERE

Reverend James Daniels