• Wesley Trueblood III

The Silencing of The Lambs

More and more Christians are reporting that they feel that society is pushing them to remain silent in the public square.

So I've been seeing a lot of criticism recently about "Christians" weighing in on social issues. I've been more and more discouraged by people attempting to use a person's religion to silence them, but what I'm most disturbed by is the complete lack of societal understanding of what a "Christian" is.

Society has begun to look at Christianity through a single lens. They say that all Christians are supposed to do is "love" (which they define as complete and total acceptance of their behaviors and choices) and that ANYTHING else is a violation of scripture and the tenants of Christianity. The issue is that it is not one dimensional, and they also don't get to define love.

People don't seem to remember that the ULTIMATE goal of Christianity is after life, not during it. We help with the now in hopes of helping with the eternal. The scriptures are replete with examples of putting aside the here and now for the eternal.

Yet, by NOT telling someone that they are on a path to hell, you are not loving them, you are in fact sentencing them to eternity without God, that's not a loving act, as much as they might think it is in the here and now.

But more so, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Isaiah, the entire minor prophets, the gospels, Jesus himself, Paul, and the other epistles (even Revelation) show us that we have a responsibility to call out and point out evil in our society. Racism, sexism, abortion, societal shifting away from the scriptures (for a short list), these are all things that Christians should be decrying, they're all evil according to the scriptures.

Now that doesn't mean that we should hate people, or bash them, or yell at them that they're going to Hell or any other such thing, but it also means that we can't be silent in the face of evil. Zephaniah makes this clear in his writings. This is also addressed by Hosea and Amos, as well as others.

People have a right to believe or not to believe, that's God's gift of free will. Yet their choice does not absolve us of our responsibility to point out the ultimate cost of their Earthly decisions, and to remind them that a simple sinnner's prayer said as a child does not a salvific conversion make.

No Christian, yours is not to be silent in the face of societal horror. Yours is not to say as Jonah did, "oh well, let them do what they want, it's not my problem." Yours is to love people and to keep in mind what is to come, and how to help them through this this called life in a way that settles their eternity with God, instead of without Him.

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